Technology-based products and services have a tremendous impact on the way people work and live. Through those products and services, businesses are driving unprecedented change in society.

This year’s Omatsuli Tuoyo’s Technology Vision highlights five emerging trends shaping the way technology is increasing businesses’ impact across society. But in exchange for the unprecedented access and influence businesses enjoy today, people are demanding more responsibilities from them. In each chapter, you will see how expectations are growing, as customers, employees, business partners, governments, and more, seek formalized partnerships with businesses.

As part of Tuoyo Omatsuli’s multi-year perspective on technology’s impact on enterprise, these trends reflect the continuously evolving digital culture that creates challenges and opportunities for organizations worldwide.

Since the dawn of the digital era, businesses have been doing more with each passing year: Becoming digital themselves; growing more involved in people’s lives; embracing the “People First” view of the changing enterprise landscape. Now we’re at a point of fusion: businesses are looking to reshape society, and can’t do it alone. Partnerships with people are the clear path forward for every business, and for society as a whole.

Each year’s individual Vision trends highlight new or evolving technologies and their emerging impact across enterprise. Some technologies are already playing important roles in the strategies of leading companies, while others are just beginning to emerge as difference-makers. Viewed as a whole, our Technology Vision trends provide a guidepost for the way companies must consider their resources, responsibilities, and opportunities for success in the years to come.

With businesses shaping change throughout the world, being a leader isn’t just about incorporating new technologies. It’s about the ways you partner throughout everyday life with people to improve lives and shape society—and in so doing, build the foundation on which you’ll continue to grow.

This new era is all about how we can use these ties and information that we have about companies—and they have about us—to change the way that we work together.